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What is Carden?

Carden is a method of education named after the first Carden School’s founder. Today, there are dozens of Carden schools across the country; teaching children a curriculum which includes science, math, language arts, history, French, geography, and the arts.

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Why Carden?

A Carden School provides students (kindergarten through middle school) with an independent education with no religious affiliations. Carden teaches students to build upon the strengths gained during prior years and the mantra that education is a lifelong process.

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Who is Carden?

Mae Carden was a New York City schoolteacher who founded the first Carden School in 1934. She believed children could gain an understanding of their own language, and attain the ability to use it correctly, when reading, listening, speaking, or writing.

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Come Experience The Carden Academy Difference

Carden Academy of Stockton follows the Carden educational philosophy - focusing on a student’s innate ability to learn from a young age. We focus on academic and social development in a way that allows them to build upon their education each year to develop a higher class of learning.

Our small class sizes allow each student to receive individualized attention and support. Teachers encourage desirable character traits and emphasize acceptance and responsibility in order to round out student development.